​​​Henry Means Sculptured Metal

​"Functional art for your home or business."

Custom Metal Designs by Henry Means in Bishop and Mammoth Lakes, California.

Henry Means is a metal artist and designer. Henry provides custom fabrication service to individuals, businesses, contractors and designers. Specializing in all types of metal including steel, copper, bronze, brass, and stainless, Henry has been known to mix in glass, wood work and stone where desired. Custom designs are welcome and Henry enjoys working with clients to achieve their style. 

Located in Bishop, California, Henry Means Sculptured Metal designs are found in and enhance many homes and businesses throughout the local area. Henry has built custom railings, range hoods, gates, fences, lighting, pot racks, furniture, stainless or copper counter tops and much more. Decorative metal work created by Henry include cabinet hardware, sculpture, curtain rods and personalized art pieces. Functional or ornamental, Henry's designs are unique and meticulously built.